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Online Sports Quiz Competiton

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About Aarya Studios


"Aarya Studios" was established by a digital games contriver and a veterans "Vilas Kotian" in late 2016 with the only intention of being a leading professional in the mobile application development. With many years experience in developing, designing, testing and managing projects the company has a full understanding of the developing games with regards to quality, timescales and finances. Aarya studios aims at developing online games which are ubiquitous on modern gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles, mobile device or via social networking sites and span many genres including educational, puzzle, e-learning, quiz, score tracker and massively multiplayer role - playing games. Aarya Studios is rapidly expanding it’s product range and is currently developing casual and social gaming products for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Games developed at *Aarya studios* allow single player gaming as well as multiplayer gaming. You can have fun with friends and families by challenging them over a game. Games here are easy to access and download. You can install the game in just one click. The games installed from this platform do not need an internet connection to run. You can even play offline and the game will be backed up.


Games and other Apps

Mad Math Workout

Math Mads Workout is the game that creates math wizards.

android Download

Run Monkey Run

Run Monkey Run is a fun and amazing zigzag running game.

android Download

Phone Flashlight

Phone flashlight is a user friendly, convenient, purely simple tool application.

android Download

Balloon Ultimate Challenge

Balloon Ultimate Challenge is a simple, exciting and high score game.

android Download

Ultimate Chess Clock

Ultimate chess clock is a chess clock.

android Download

Circle Pin Shooter

Circle Pin Shooter is a cool and amazing twisty wheel game.

android Download

Football Saver

Football Saver is a exciting, eye catching arcade game.

android Download

Date & Age Calculator

Date & Age Calculator is a tool to find out difference between the dates.

android Download

The Crazy Rocket

The Crazy Rocket is a exciting, eye catching arcade game.

android Download

Ultimate Jumping Turtle

Ultimate Jumping Turtle is a cool, amazing fun game.

android Download

Ultimate Volleyball Scoreboard

Ultimate Volleyball Scoreboard is a customized volleyball score tracker app.

android Download

Ultimate Table Tennis Scoreboard

Ultimate Table Tennis Scoreboard is a customized table tennis score tracker app.

android Download

Ultimate Throwball Scoreboard

Ultimate Throwball Scoreboard is a customized throwball score tracker app.

android Download

Space Pilot - The Fighter

Space Pilot - The Fighter is a amazing and a great arcade game.

android Download

Ultimate Piggy Bank

Ultimate Piggy Bank is a fun, loving and endless game.

android Download

Ultimate Badminton Scoreboard

Ultimate Badminton Scoreboard is a customized badminton score tracker app.

android Download

Ultimate Basketball Scoreboard

Ultimate Basketball Scoreboard is a customized basketball score tracker app.

android Download

Rotation Reflexes

Rotation Reflexes is a fun, exciting and endless game.

android Download

Wrong Way MotorCycle Challenge

Wrong Way MotorCycle Challenge is a exciting, eye catching motor cycle game.

android Download

Quizonia The Basic

It is educational game to identify & to test spelling of different objects.

android Download

Quizonia The India

Quizonia The India is a general knowledge quiz centered on India.

android Download

The Intricate Puzzle

The Intricate Puzzle is a complex and addictive puzzle game.

android Download

Timer Setter

Timer Setter is a customized fitness alarm to perform a time-based workout.

android Download

Body & Calories Calculator

Body & Calories Calculator is a app to keep track on your body & calories count.

android Download

AVK Exam App

AVK Exam App where you can set and appear time bases multiple choice questions.

android Download

Quizonia The America

Quizonia The America is a general knowledge quiz centered on America.

android Download

Basic Yoga

Stretch, breathe, and work out – your Yoga journey begins here.

android Download

Ultimate Tennis Scoreboard

Ultimate Tennis Scoreboard is a customized tennis score tracker app.

android Download

Quizonia The Country Capital

Quizonia The Country Capital is a general knowledge quiz on country's capital.

android Download

Ultimate Basket Shooting

Ultimate Basket Shooting game is like a slam dunk.

android Download


Ready to take on any Challenges on offer!!!



Mobile, Desktop



Mobile, Desktop, Console



C#, Unity, C++, php, SQL, html 5, css3, native Android and ios



illustration, animation, modelling, photoshop

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